SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you hear about it all the time, it’s often confused with SEM. How much do you really understand SEO and it’s importance? 

SEO is focused on Organic Website Traffic and an SEO strategy is targeting unpaid sources of traffic. 

Organic traffic is defined as visitors that land on your website from unpaid sources. These sources consist of but are not limited to, search engine traffic like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

There are several key factors in determining the proper SEO strategy for your business. 

Did you know…
1.Google uses hundreds of factors for relevant content within their algorithm for ranking websites.
2.Bringing your site higher in search ranking will drive more traffic to your website.
3.If SEO is done properly and consistently it will bring you your best ROI per traffic source.
4.Typically organic traffic is a more engaged consumer looking specifically for the products or services your business sells.
5.Engaging with and SEO strategy that ads Content to your site will often bring better results and increase to organic traffic.

Do you already have a vendor doing SEO on your site?

Are you considering an SEO strategy?

Do you want to learn more about whether or not SEO would be a benefit to your website or business traffic flow?

Ad Exact Advertising is here to help

 SEO is an important part of your overall digital strategy and frankly often overlooked by many businesses. The organic side of search can be a powerful channel of traffic that when done properly will convert at a higher rate have a lower site bounce rate and bring you higher quality website traffic overall.

The problem is most SEO strategies aren’t custom tailored to your business model. There are a lot of variables that need to be considered when implementing an SEO strategy and many different components of SEO itself, and can overall, be really confusing. 

Some things to consider, if you are already engaged in and SEO program…

Is your SEO channel focused on the traffic that can actually make a difference for your business? Increases in traffic numbers look great but what is that traffic doing when it gets your site, and something that is often overlooked is where is that Organic Traffic coming from a GEO perspective?

Is it nationwide, regional, or local, and most of all where Do You Want that traffic to come from? 

At Ad Exact Advertising we cut through the clutter of SEO information and build you a unique strategy specific to your business model and your overall Traffic and Business Goals. The traffic we bring to your site will have reason and we want that SEO Traffic to positively impact your business and your bottom line.

 At Ad Exact Advertising we use a three-stage approach to even our basic SEO packages. Utilizing the latest techniques in Page Tagging including H1, H2 and H3, creation of relevant content added to your website monthly and listing synch software to provide consistent information about your business through the internet.

Most Basic SEO packages do not include all three of these aspects and will not bring the desired results. Plus, if you are not reviewing your SEO at a minimum once per month you could be potentially missing opportunities within this channel of traffic and a continual strategy to review data is a key factor to optimizing your SEO strategy no matter what products or services you are selling.

Ad Exact Advertising Specializes in SEO for the Automotive Industry, Power Sports Industry, Power Equipment Industry, B2B Sales, General Retail, Law, including Personal Injury, Employment and Labor, Bankruptcy, Entertainment, Medical Fields, Home Builders, Events Marketing just to name a few.

If you are tired of your current strategy, don’t have a current strategy or believe you are paying too much for the SEO work being done on your site today, we are here to help guide you into a strategy that will maximize your ROI.

The bottom line for any SEO being done for you is to make sure the people behind the effort are knowledgeable, engaged and determined to make sure the strategy is bringing you your desired results.

If you would like us to perform a No Charge website evaluation please contact us using the form below or feel free to call us at the number provided below. Our Website evaluation will analyze your sites ranking and show us where you currently stand and the amount of opportunity there is to push your site higher in rank and improve the overall quality of Organic Traffic to your website. Ask yourself is it worth a few minutes of your time to receive and revie this information. We believe it is!

Ad Exact Advertising offers SEO packages starting at just $399 per month for small businesses, $899 per month for Dealerships, including New Franchise Dealership or Pre-owned Stand-Alone Dealerships. Our pricing structure is one of the most affordable in the industry and we pride ourselves on Exceeding our Clients Expectations. If you would like to explore what we can do for you and your business, we are here to serve your needs.