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Digital Marketing Solutions

We conduct extensive research using the latest tools and technologies and build a comprehensive digital campaign strategies that addresses your needs. Our team of google certified digital specialists clearly understands the latest digital advertising trends, the important KPIs, and the latest conversion tactics that drive results. Contact us to see the difference that a well-planned digital strategy can make to your business. At Ad Exact Advertising our Digital Marketing Services consist of SEO, SEM, Local Search, and Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising Strategies, Video Pre-Roll and Streaming Placement.

will deliver your audio message to prospective customers on all devices. You’ll also be surprised how affordable it is to make impressions in the market through radio advertising.

We now have set-top box data, app viewing data, demographic data, and qualitative data all rolled into our planning research to make recommendations that make a difference in our strategic planning.

Video Strategy

Video is taking the world by storm! Increase Engagement Rates, with professionally shot video. Video Content plays a significant role in attracting customers and creating brand identity. Ad Exact Advertising comprises a team of Videographers, Video Editors and Video Strategists to take Video Content to the next level. Ad Exact also specializing in Podcast set-ups and rentals spaces at our state of the art studio, Live Streams set-up at your location as well as Content Creation packages that make it affordable for you to have your Video Content Edited and Pushed to consumers for far less then you’d expect.Our Video Strategists uses the latest ad management platforms to deliver your video worldwide through a connected device or OTT/Streaming technology and pre-roll app delivery will have your video seen on any device whenever someone is using it.

Traditional Advertising

No matter where your customers are, we can quickly deliver your message to them in the most cost effective ways. The combination of Traditional Advertising and Digital Strategies can maximize your Brand Market Share and Impression Share putting you in front of the consumers that matter most. Ad Exact Advertising will custom tailor an overall advertising strategy that integrates the channels needed to bring you your desired goals and results. Utilizing that latest Data Sources, new advances with set top box data as well as third party data applications can give us added insight to steer our advertising and marketing efforts. With Ad Exact Advertising you will have an advertising partner that understand and utilizes new advances can make your campaigns more effective and return greater ROI’s to your bottom line.

Direct mail

Create personalized informative mailers and reach your target audience through direct mail advertising.

Direct Mail still remains effective in delivering an ROI especially when combined with our proven mail strategies and enhanced Digital Ad On as well as Call and Lead Tracking. Our Direct Mail Campaigns aren’t just about making sure you create an impression but also about giving you the unique media vehicle to effectively tell a story, push deals and drive results and traffic to your website. Learn how effective mail can be helpful for your business; we’re sure you’ll be amazed by the available data we have access to regarding your industry and potential customers.

E-mail Campaigns

E-mail Campaigns Get Results, Our Conquest Programs Introduce Your Brand To New Perspective Consumers in your DMA or AOR. We have hybrid e-mail programs that can utilize or exclude your existing data from delivery to maximize the effectiveness of our e-mail strategy. Our Dealer based E-mail Programs have sales guarantees with Match Back Reports that show Sales Results as well as the added benefit of Service ROI’s brought in through these highly effective E-mail campaigns. E-mail campaigns can stand alone or are a great complement to your overall Advertising Strategy. Ad Exact can build you better creative assets that will create higher engagement rates and drive traffic to where it counts.

Website Creation

Creating a consistent brand message is as important today as ever, and we make it easy for you through the design and implementation of your website. Websites are a necessity in today’s digital environment and are an extension of your business if not entirely your business store front. Ad Exact Advertising has a team of experienced website designers who can help you create highly creative and informative websites to captivate the consumers attention and steer them for better conversion. For our Dealers, our graphic designers have the skill to convert your deals, incentives and monthly promotions into eye-catching website graphics, hero slides, special page graphics, and unique static tiles. At Ad Exact our designers are ready for your website project no matter how complex!

Website Performance Review & Audits

Before investing in the digital media space, you must ensure your website performs well and provides you with the best opportunity to convert traffic into sales. Ad Exact Advertising will comprehensively evaluate your site to make sure it can convert at above average levels for your industry. SEO and SEM play a huge role in website traffic and each are vital to the success of your site. Understanding all channels of traffic to your website and how this traffic should engage will give you the ability to make the adjustments needed to maximize all efforts through your website. Ad Exact Advertising is highly experienced in website performance analytic data and how to use it to your advantage.

Analytics & Data Review

Who controls your Analytics Account and how are you utilizing the data received from your current strategies? At Ad Exact Advertising, we utilize your analytic data and website metrics to maximize our strategies throughout all media placement. We work with your website provider to maximize conversion and steer the customer through their journey to a sale. What are you doing now with this data now? When was the last time you had a comprehensive review of this data? Let Ad Exact Advertising help you take Your Website and Advertising Strategies to the next level and we will be lead by the data we analyze!

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising Still Has Its Place, well placed Outdoor gets results and allows you to place messages in high traffic highly competitive areas. Design Matters and our design team understand how to create eye catching outdoor advertising. You have seconds to make an impression, is your message clear and concise, it will be when we build it. Ad Exact Advertising can find and place your Outdoor Advertising. We can streamline the entire process. From billboards to Bus Stops to Outdoor Events and venue’s when the space makes sense grab it and make sure your message grabs the consumers attention!

Printing & Displays

Ad Exact Advertising will help you design, print, and distribute print materials to enhance your business’s overall marketing strategy. We can help you promote your brand with a creative print advertisement that resonates with the readers’ attention and increases brand value. Indeed, print media advertising is still relevant in some circumstances. Advertising through magazines, flyers, and other print media can make your promotional budget more efficient and cost-effective and also gives you the flexibility of where to place your ad in a publication. Does your business utilize POP materials, they should! We are print brokers for print houses across the country and can secure you the best print rates on any printed materials. At Ad Exact Advertising we make the design and printing of your materials or advertising better for less!

Media Buying

With over 30 years of media buying experience, we can save you time and money!
Ad Exact Advertising is well-versed in the cost of media throughout the United States. Media costs have changed dramatically in the CPM era. Let our media buying experts work for you and help your business accomplish advertising goals and fine tune your ROI. Our Team of media Buyers is here and ready for your Next Buy, we will save you money and time, what more could you ask for!

Ad Exact Advertising Is Your Right Choice. Here’s Why!

With the growing internet usage, digital advertising has become a prominent part of any business. At Ad Exact Advertising, we have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts who will develop the right strategies for you and help make your business more successful than ever before.